We’re In A Video Game – WAN Show June 23, 2023

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Adam Hart

I started watching as Luke said “BYE!” I’ve never been so happy and sad all at once.




    I did the same thing. 3 livestreams in 2 days. Linus, Jaytwocents, and ASOT. Joined right at the end, partially due to getting done with work.

    Skylar Engnell

    @TekEagle21 I legit though ASOT stood for A Slap On Titan and thought they did a patreon stream, I know about A State of trance now lol


Linus finding out about an LTT game tie-in through a tweet is hilarious, how did nobody think to inform him? πŸ˜‚

    Adam Tidwell

    The joys of not being CEO anymore. It just wasn’t something he needed to be made aware of. I agree that it’s absolutely hilarious, but I get it.


    ​@Adam Tidwelliirc this was before new CEO, and it’s more of marketing department thing.

    some kinda apeman

    @Tankers Linus is still the CEO for another week.


    @some kinda apeman I think that is in ‘title’ only. I bet TT is already heading most of it. I have been known to be wrong, but I felt like we even had more Linus time the last week or so.

    R U

    @Courtney he said himself, that the new guy hasnt started yet lmfao


Someone _please_ rip the assets and make an LMG HQ map for VRChat!
[0:00] *Chapters.*
[1:38] *Intro.*
[2:04] *Topic #1: LTT is in PC Building Simulator 2.*
> 4:01 Teaser trailer, finding references.
> 8:30 Thoughts, free demo, more references.
[9:28] *Topic #2: Mark Zuckerberg V.S. Elon Musk cage fight.*
> 11:14 Covering heights & weights, diet quotes.
> 12:26 Linus on Elon’s demise, Mark’s reply.
> 14:40 Dana White’s interested, FP’s comments.
> 15:28 Linus’s & Luke’s “height & weight” if fighting.
> 18:29 Mark’s advantage, Canadian measurements.
[26:30] *Topic #3: Amazon driver leads to home devices shutdown.*
> 27:49 Locked out without notice, Rossmann’s report.
> 29:02 Linus comments on Amazon & Rossmann.
[35:28] *LTTStore’s new waffle hoodie.*
> 37:04 Mystery water bottle, LTT Screwdriver notif.
[38:30] *LMG is hiring!.*
[38:56] * LTX 2023 updates.*
[41:22] *Merch Messages #1.*
> 41:27 What other names Linus pondered to name LTT?
> 43:04 Feelings about parasocial perception?
> 43:54 Tech development that would impact consumers? ft. Taiwan.
[49:24] *Topic #4: Dell Australia guilty of falsifying sale pricing.*
> 50:26 Linus commends Australia, mentions NCIX weekly sale.
> 53:02 Discussing the compensation.
[54:48] *Topic #5: Intel discontinues Limited Edition Graphics Cards.*
[56:10] *Sponsors.*
> 56:20 JumpCloud.
> 57:24 Kudos.
> 58:20 Zoho One.
[58:58] *Merch Messages #2.*
> 59:22 Linus on his “Guess The Price!” stream ft. Dan nearly dies.
> 1:06:18 Trend of consuming LTT content without being in the ecosystem?
> 1:13:52 Communications tech 10-20 years from now? ft. Wehead.
[1:16:24] *Topic #6: DPReview acquired by Gear Patrol.*
[1:18:22] *Topic #7: FTC sues Amazon for tricking users into Prime.*
> 1:18:34 Luke defines dark pattern, discussing Prime.
> 1:21:48 Summarizing lawsuit & claims, Amazon’s response.
> 1:24:36 Luke recalls canceling his late Grandpa’s Prime.
> 1:26:12 Linus & Luke on “Zine.”
> 1:27:36 Linus’s scenarios on canceling, leaving, “moon cancel.”
[1:30:32] *Topic #8: AMD’s FSR exclusivity in sponsored games.*
> 1:31:16 NVIDIA’s comment on supporting developers.
[1:32:56] *Topic #9: Subreddits change policies to lessen ads.*
> 1:33:20 Moderators removed & locked out of accounts.
> 1:33:44 r/PoliticalHumor makes all users moderators.
[1:34:10] *Topic #10: EVE Online now has an Excel add-on.*
[1:36:00] *Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark.*
> 1:36:04 Jack-of-all-trades or a master of one in tech?
> 1:40:32 Obscure innovations that would have succeeded if open and not proprietary?
> 1:45:33 What would you do as Reddit’s CEO?
> 1:49:26 Any “F**k it, we’ll do it live!” moment that went well?
> 1:52:00 Biggest life choice you made without knowing what you were doing?
> 1:53:22 Any WAN Show or video with Tarran?
> 1:53:36 LMG channels that are in the works?
> 1:55:23 What changed your mind with the Taycan?
> 1:57:00 Long-term effects after YouTube’s dislike removal?
> 1:57:30 Luke’s favorite programming language? ft. Luke & Dan moment.
> 1:58:35 Did people get more or less tech savvy with tech’s advances?
> 2:00:18 Can Starlinked help with FP’s ISP coverage?
> 2:02:14 Database front-end that PF uses.
> 2:02:34 What would Linus’s South Park episode be, and would it involve LMG employees?
> 2:03:33 The worst driving you’ve seen from someone else?
> 2:07:56 Fixed screwdriver’s durability, and being hammered?
> 2:08:50 What lab would you like to visit?
> 2:11:03 Is it worth it to get 8GB graphics cards?
> 2:12:46 What is Linus’s favorite discourse started by himself?
> 2:13:27 Luke Advocating Tips.
> 2:14:37 Thoughts on standardizing RGB products?
> 2:15:38 Plans on retro content & recent releases?
> 2:15:50 How do you feel about companies selling info?
> 2:16:18 LTT merch that would make life more accessible? ft. Wooden & machined screwdriver.
[2:18:56] *Outro.*




    Thank you!

    Lin Dan

    You legend

    w tong


    Austin Merrill

    Saved for later till time stamps are pinned

Lin Dan

Our hopes for the 24hr WAN show have been vanquished. We touched 5 hrs and it’s all been downhill from there.

    Jonatan Rullman

    Like Icarus, we flew to close to the sun.

    Guy S

    I don’t have time for that.

    Nhoj Lagap

    Should have first asked for 12 hours… We demanded too much


    This wan show is 80 minutes longer on Floatplane πŸ™‚

    Her Royal Fluffiness Celestia, Princess of Cake

    @Jonatan Rullman Weren’t even remotely close… didn’t notice anyone ^^

Jeremy Carroll

Crazy that a 2 hour wan show is now considered short πŸ˜‚

    Her Royal Fluffiness Celestia, Princess of Cake

    It’s not vertical after all πŸ˜‰


Yes you should have milk in the office. Creamer is disgusting, and you aren’t a cheap monster…


    Pretty sure you’re thinking of the mars probe that NASA sent that cratered onto mars because lockheed (or one of the military contractors) designed systems in imperial while NASA used metric.

    In fact, a collaboration between an EU agency and NASA wouldn’t have unit conversion problems since both NASA and the EU use metric. You know, because ft-lbs becomes real confusing once you have a system with both angular torque and thrust.

    Elizabeth Smith

    Yeah, that surprised me. We have a decent coffee machine in the office with a proper milk steamer. Rather than force everyone to buy starbucks or similar


    @Anivicuno Ooops! I think you may have replied to the wrong comment! πŸ˜‰


Why isn’t this 2 hour WAN show listed under Youtube Shorts?

    Skylar Engnell

    Ty for asking the hard questions <3


    @Skylar Engnell I’m here all week, please remember to tip your waiters!

    Ryan Leffler

    Avoided millennial pause but they didn’t make it loop perfectly smh amateurs

    GreyNblue E92

    Hahaha 🀣 This is gold right here πŸ’ͺπŸ₯³πŸŽ‰β˜’οΈπŸ’―β˜’οΈπŸ’―β˜’οΈπŸ’―β˜’οΈπŸ’₯πŸ”₯☠️☠️☠️

    Kody Nish


Nicholas Arenas

That metric-imperial conversions back-and-forth Luke and Linus had RIGHT after marveling over how ripped Zuckerberg is was one of the funniest things I’ve listened to in a while. Always love a good WAN show.

False Evidence

I love how we spent 15 minutes talking about the zucc vs Elon πŸ˜‚


The measuring flow chart spot on πŸ˜‚

Levi Warkentin

How am I going to be able to listen to wan all week now? I’m going to need to find another podcast for my drives or listen at .25 speed


With regards to infrastructure vulnerability we’re actually right now *at peak* with how vulnerable we are, as in the future systems are likely to get significantly more resilient and hardened. We are moving to renewable energy with micro (or at least *more* micro) interconnected grids with *way* more connection points, and we right now have multiple constellations of satellites providing space based internet which themselves too are being specifically built with resilience and redundancy in mind. All this is layered on top of the fact that having resilient infrastructure be an actual government target thing that we are aware of is *a thing* now for many nations, and so active planing is taking place to reinforce this idea

    Rowan Hawkins

    We are much better infrastrure now than we were 10 years ago.

Davide Falconi

As an Italian who doesn’t use stupid measurement units, it was really hard to follow the first part of the WAN show with a lbs to kg and a feet to meters converter always open


    Americans use everything from football stadium to stick to butter for measurement


    Skip ahead then. Simple.

    Davide Falconi

    @Nanioh they’re canadians, but I guess they used lbs, feet and inches because most people watching the wan show are probably american


    @Davide Falconi I live in a country which officially uses the metric system, but we use feet and inches for certain measurements. Subconsciously we choose feet for anything under a meter, then a mix of inches and cm for anything under a foot.
    They’re just using whatever comes naturally to them at the time. It’s like people who throw in words from another language while they speak in their native tongue because that word has a more accurate meaning for their concept than a native word.

    Davide Falconi

    @dominick253 it was just an exaggeration, but they should really use both in their videos, sometimes they only put weight for laptops in pounds for example. It would really be appreciated to also have the weight in kilos


It’s hilarious with the metric vs imperial, as an American I use both in a similar way to the Canadian way. I don’t use metric as often but when it comes to working on vehicles I usually use metric because most parts are metric but height or distance I use imperial. Cooking is interchangeable for me, and Linus is correct about a quart bs a liter they are so close that in most cases I don’t even worry about the difference.


I’m simply amazed by that Canadian units flow chart

    Matt Fraser

    One of the best parts is one that was barely mentioned – construction/trades is all imperial. But all engineering is metric. So you’ll get blueprints with measurements like 10.2cm, 762mm, 6.092m etc. where you have to convert it to feet/inches (4in, 2’6″, 20ft respectively) to know how to measure it with your imperial tape measure


Regarding false sales: Hobby Lobby in the US is notorious for marking items 40% or more above MSRP then putting them “on sale” making the item normal price. As a builder of Bandai models, Hobby Lobby does carry quite a few, but I only buy them when they go “on sale” so I can actually get them for regular price. It is shady, dishonest and should be illegal.


The metric vs imperial discussion is hilarious. As someone who grew up in Europe and have used metric then moved to post imperial Ireland I can relate. I’ve no idea how much is in a pound, feet, stone or miles but I can fairly accurately estimate after living in Ireland for 18 years πŸ˜‚


Dell should probably be forced to post-apply the 60% discount they advertised, meaning they’d have to pay $573 to everyone who bought one of these bundles.

Patrick Dcp

I understand it’s a strain on your ressources, but I miss the super long wan shows a lot. Especially in comparison the show (specifically the discussions) feel a bit rushed and the whole atmosphere changes when you are seemingly on a timer. I also get work and life get in the way and it won’t be possible always regardless. Just wanted to voice my opinion on how awesome the 3.5+ hours shows have been for me (and probably many others)

John Hoggard

My parents bought me a C64 for Christmas 1983, I was 12yo. My dad said, “I think you should learn how to use this, I think they may be important” – I have a Masters in Defence Modelling and Simulation and have, for the last 15yrs, helped the UK MOD educate its personnel in the world of all things technology which an increasingly pivotal in their training and combat experiences.

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