I switched to Windows XP in 2023…

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Chapter TItles:
0:00 The Legacy of XP
0:47 Mini Laptop, Big Love
1:51 Austin’s Happy Place
2:45 Avoid the Internet, Stay Sane
3:41 A Webcam for Ants
4:44 Goodbye Cave, Hello Web
6:11 I’m Ticked Off (The Clock)
7:15 Upgrading to 2023-ish
9:03 That Hard Drive Looks Floppy
9:45 The Little Laptop That Could…?
11:32 Firefox Saves The Day
12:49 Who Needs an Entire Keyboard
13:25 I Just Want to Play StarCraft
14:56 Windows XP in 2023




I’m a network engineer and I was just talking to one of my seniors and we were bitching about windows 11 in corporate laptops and how it was super rushed.

She was emotional when the conversation drifted to windows XP. She has been a network engineer since 1995 and XP takes the crown out of all the flavors ( within windows of course. The best OS for us Netengs is Linux )


    I love Linux, and this netbook would be perfect for a Q4OS Trinity 32bit Linux install with their Trinity DE based off oldschool KDE.

    User ItIsWhatItIs

    trans senior network engineer

Josh Stucki

Before 2013, virtually all PCs (and Macs!) had modular, replaceable, fairly-easy-to-remove parts (at least the memory, SSD, and battery, which all – always – should be replaceable/upgradeable).
I’d give my left kidney if this would return!!


    hp laptops have been getting aloot better with replacable parts


    @Diamondarrow45 I would rather have my kidneys stolen than buy an HP

    Anthony Lemma

    My aunt has a midrange Acer AMD laptop where I easily replaced the screen because it somehow browe, upgraded to an SSD and upped the RAM. Works much better

    Not So Clever Username

    You might love the Framework then

    Imrane Chennaoui

    Another reason why 2013 is the worst year ever.

Eric Burden

I would be impressed if you had to use it for a month and showed through videos what that experience would be like for you.



    Philip H.

    The next ltt challenge

    insane customization of the flat earth

    It wouldn’t be that hard

    Angus Stuff

    With enough upscaling and color correcting ANYTHING will look good

Josh Stucki

One of the things that made these netbooks decent is that as low-powered as the hardware was in 2011, Windows XP was ten years old at that point. As long as you didn’t get the Vista versions (which were universally disasters, largely due to the hardware requirements leaping drastically from XP), they really were ok.


    Netbooks normally didn’t have Vista, they had Windows 7 Starter. I’m glad mine came with Windows XP which ran really well

    EJ Tech

    @Pasi123 Even on Windows 7 Starter, you can see parts of the Windows Explorer interface render piece by piece on an Atom CPU.

    Tom Pike

    Netbooks were bad buys when they were new. They had terrible build quality, terrible reliability, and extremely slow performance. A used 3 year old Lenovo would have been a much better value. The lenovo had a better upgrade path so even though it would not have been brand new, it would still have lasted longer than the netbook.


    @Tom Pike My Compaq Mini 110c had good build quality, reliability and was fast on XP.
    The main thing about netbooks was the small size and long battery life. A bit like UMPCs but much cheaper and with a more usable size keyboard

    In 2013 I upgraded to an old Lenovo ThinkPad T60 which was obviously more powerful but also had a lot shorter battery life and wasn’t as portable

    Just Some Guy

    ​@Tom Pike The combination of low price and high portability actually made them pretty attractive at a time when most laptops were either bulky or expensive and underpowered. Mine lived in my backpack through most of university. It was perfect for accessing the internet or typing up assignments around campus. For heavier tasks I would use my encyclopedia-sized laptop at home.

Son Nguyen

I remember having to support these devices back when I was working for the Geek Squad at Best Buy in 2007-2010. They were quite painful to work and support since their early Atom processors and low RAM amounts and HDDs. It’s nice that fast forward to today that you can toss in a cheap SSD and just like that, it’s a “usable machine”.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Austin!

Dirceu Nusa

This video made go back in time. I’ve graduated in economics with one of those. Used to make al the graphics in paint brush and copy and past to word with my class notes. What a wonderful experience!


I cried when my XP system gave up the ghost long after Microsoft said it would end XP support. So seeing this gave my ticker Happy flutters. My time of playing Diablo (but not Diablo 2 because I didn’t want to lose my character) just came flooding back and made me smile.


I got one of these in 2010 when I was in college and couldn’t afford anything else. I did upgrade the ram and put in a bigger battery. It lasted 6-8 hours on a single charge

Icy Tom Cat

Up until something like 2019 the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK was using Windows XP, which saw them hacked multiple times. I believe they then moved to Win 7/8 and are still migrating systems to Win 10

    Mr Knight the IT guy

    A lot of ATM’s are still using Windows NT!


I have a printer that only prints with XP and this looks like it would make printing on it much faster. It takes forever to print with what I have currently.


I used this laptop for high school. It was around the time that normal laptops were just really big and quite expensive. I even used it for gaming as it was my only computer. World of warcraft was running around 10-20 fps and i was even raiding with this. Fps during 25 man raid was 0, which made things somewhat difficult, but good enough to be tanking something 😀

Quantum Qbit

There is a hidden power mode for these that makes them quite a bit more useable… I think for most versions you need to update the bios to enable it. Ran that as a daily until 2015! Without the bios update it would have been useless— it makes quite a difference. ETA – you know the power mode is on, it turns the power LED from blue to red(!)

Toru the Red Fox

general malware doesn’t target XP anymore, partially because it’s a headache to make _any_ software that targets XP nowadays, and partially because the only targets on XP that are worth the time to make malware for are highly specific targets such as specific organizations known to still use XP


Seeing office 07 in action really brings memories back to me. At that time people around me were all using office 03 and being the first to install 07 and see that gorgeous Aero UI made me feel so weirdly proud


Wonder if they will release a new laptop with drivers to match for the older windows. Maybe to match or surpass the equivalent of graphics card for that windows version hardware specs. .
Windows dos, 95, 98, ME, XP.
Mostly to load games and older programs. I think there isn’t support anymore for older windows for those OP’s. But web browsing kinda works just with a warning.


This really tickles my fancy! Intel Atom was my initial foray into the Mini-ITX form factor which I still subscribe to today, and was extremely functional as a server. For laptops, it might have been power-efficient as well.


The mic and webcam are surprisingly decent for what the machine is and even compared to todays laptops!

Foxy Crystal

This video came out 14 hours ago, and 14 hours ago i was working on formating this exact same notebook to test windows 7 on it and boy was it fun … ngl, cool coincidence, love those netbooks, pretty much a relic of the past now but always fun to see one every now and then.


Swapping out your HDDs for SSDs is one of the most transformative things you can do, just mind blowing load speeds on these old systems

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