Mortal Kombat 1: KLASSIC TOWERS ON VERY HARD!!!! (Play Test) Ep. 2

Thank you WB for providing a code to this playtest!
I try the Klassic Towers on Very Hard!

Discover Mortal Kombat 1, where the Fire God Liu Kang reignites the iconic franchise. With a fresh fighting system, new game modes, and jaw-dropping fatalities, Mortal Kombat 1 sets the stage for an epic rebirth. Engage in intense battles, navigate thrilling storylines, and compete against global warriors online. Prepare for the ultimate test of skill and unleash your inner warrior in this groundbreaking installment of Mortal Kombat. Get ready to experience a new era of brutality!

🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

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mehrad j

game looks absolutely amazing


These Mortal Komabt 1 videos has been amazing so far!

    Ulysses Ray Dawal



Wow! Your video was fantastic, I’m fascinated by your creativity. Keep delighting us with your talent.


I really hope you achieve all your goals this year dude! You’re a great creator and such a hard worker! Rooting for you hard this year

Victoria Penelope: Your new girlfriend 💝

Thank you for doing this for all of your fans! I really respect your work for us!

Luuk Becks

H2ODelirious will always deliver!


Delirious has already did more combos in mk1 then mkx lmao

juan pagan

Delirous is actually getting better he is gonna make it to evo with this one

    El Taco Bandito

    That would be crazy

    juan pagan

    @El Taco Bandito I would be cheering him on he might just win with some matchup knowledge and better defense

    R1dh0 B0L1L10

    @juan pagan nah


the game looks great and the fatalities are brutal.


Cant wait for delirious and cartoonz fighting together once the game is done

Ame Lewayada

Oh damn, he’s juggling, he’s getting better and better

Mathaiah Tears

I have been watching delirious for almost all my life, if delirious ever retire it will be just like I lost a super cool uncle, you are the greatest H20Delirious I hope you keep doing what you’re doing.

Connor Renshaw

Delirious: I’m a button masher

For us mere mortals that is the only way

Rygorn Spectre

I love how we can see Delirious actively getting the hang of the game throughout the video.

Prince Xyviere

I am honored to be able to still watch this after 4 hours of its release(the vid)


Liu Kang’s design and moves are just amazing.


Can’t wait to play this! The biggest advantage players seem to have over the AI even on the hardest diff is that once you learn how, it’s very easy to block the fatal blow while AI cannot block it for the life of them.

Colton P.

I would’ve loved the indicators on, just to see how many buttons Delirious mashed per match. GGs as per usual. Have a gn reader.

Vicki Emma

You’ve definitely gotten better since last video. I can’t wait to see you and Cartoonz play this together.

banana bread

I absolutely love when Delirious calls out for Sonia because every single time it sounds like the kind of circumstance where someone’s going through an intense battle while someone standing 5 feet away from them is just looking at their phone just acting nonchalant before they decide to actually join the fight

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