THE BEGINNING…? | Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest offers us a new beginning because of course we wanted to come back to this horrible island with horrible nightmares!

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they’re screaming at each other in the walkie talkies while kelvin is freshly deaf and panicking on the ground💀, kelvin has a lot in for him poor guy 😭

    Instagram User

    Retteb si tnetnoc ym esuaceb, pleh rof smaercs DNA seirc rieht raeh ot slrig elttil epar ot evol I!! 😂👌

    Chica Bear

    I don’t think Kelvin will make it through this seris



    Mbita Chizi

    Penguinz0 imspires me.. My parents said if I get 15k followers They’d buy me a better camera for recording..begging u guys, literally begging….


    This is probably why Kelvin rebelled and started throwing logs at them

J – J

Out of the trio, Mark being the one protective of Kelvin is not what I was expecting

    Re dacted

    I mean, he’s generally the one telling them not to be stupid.

    Joey Allain

    @Re dactedand usually wade is the one who never hears mark saying not to be stupid.

    Jaded and Empty

    I mean, Mark has a well-established soft spot for doofy characters.


    I was expecting Wade to instantly attack him


    Yee haw


Mark being father-like towards Kelvin is weirdly adorable

    Philip Whitehead

    I mean poor Kelvin has been rendered deaf and mute by the accident so someone has to look out for him


    That’s because he’s a daddy…



    One And Only Snazzy Zebra

    This makes me uncomfortable


Wade: “How do i summon Kelvin? Is there like,a whistle? A flare?”
Mark: “He’s kinda deaf”
Wade: proceeds to call Kelvin


    I get the feeling that Wade would be the guy to wave hi to Stevie Wonder. Some people are just that way. Like my aunt who responds to “no comprende Inglas” while on vacation in Spain by talking very loud, and very slow “I have to speak clearly so he can comprehend!” … I’ll be over staring into the ocean. I can’t deal with this right now.


    And early the told him to listen to them on distractible.

    Mbita Chizi

    markiplier imspires me.. My parents said if I get 15k followers They’d buy me a better camera for recording..begging u guys, literally begging….


Kelvin is too precious, he deserves all the protection in the world

James Lau

first 10 minutes of the video wade is just discovering things 5 minutes after bob and mark 🤣🤣🤣

The Magical Cat

Telling the newly deaf Kelvin to listen to Distractible is peak “we didn’t pay that much attention to the story” energy.


    Dude I was thinking the same thing. “We should tell the deff person to *listen* to our podcast”


    I mean, one of them clearly stated that he was deat. So, that was definitely intentional on their part. Not that I disagree with your comment.


    dude was bleeding on his ears and the first thing they tell him was to listen to the podcast 😭


    i feel like we should keep this trend under this comment to misspell deaf…i mean deef


I can’t wait for the day when they forget to tell Kelvin to stop getting logs and he levels the entire island

    The Shiny Rowlet Guy

    I can see it now


    kelvin maybe deaf but hes full of determination

Morgan Williams

Invisible spiders, collecting sticks on the beach and Mark being the first to die in a hilarious fashion. It’s Hand Simulator Survival all over again! But man I’m excited to see them get back into the forest and face off against the mutants again!


I love how a creepy woman just comes out of nowhere and Bob and Wade just decide they’re gonna run off and follow her and Mark doesn’t. Horror movie situations, Mark passes, Bob and Wade just hilariously failed.


    Shes an important friendly ally and Bob attacked her 😡😡

    Nick Benge

    @DukeOfKalos I’ve watch so many playthroughs of this game and there are far too many people who just take one look at her and go “SOMETHING MOVING I HAVE TO KILL IT!!!!”

    Wolfsong Rising

    @Nick Benge in fairness, in most games we see on this channel, that or running the opposite direction are the sane options


    Then Mark proceeds to just run head first into the death cave


    ​@Nick Bengetbf the whole point of the last game was “all the people on this island are hostile” so it’s understandable that people don’t know she can be befriended


I love how Bob hadn’t even made it out of the hole yet when Mark started screaming *_”WARRRRRRRR”_* and trying to murder Bob 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
And then Bob was just *”Man this is not cool, i’m leaving…”*


I like how mark is trying to play the game and bob and wade is just goofing around

Cavan Reed

22:10 Bob- Look at Kelvin helping you Mark, he’s leaping like a gazelle.
31:50 (Not even 10 minutes later) Also Bob- (Gags) KELVIN STOP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KELVIN STOP

Stefani Gordon

Mark screaming WAR while waiting at the cave entrance was hands down the best part of this video. Can already tell this is gonna be a great series


5:02 Mark: *You’re casting a spell I think*

Bob: *Speaking unknown gibberish*

Wade: *Summoned*

    Ori-Onyx Vyntarz

    Omg, you’re right! The comedic timing is perfect.

Sky Lynx

Mark: *tries to do literally anything*
Bob and Wade: let me help *then procedes to ruin what Mark was doing*

    dormammu so fat

    it’s the bodega all over again…


I can just imagine Kalvin begging for help while all three of you talk to each other with your walkies 10 feet away ignoring him 😂😂


I loved Kelvin just casually relaxing there with his leg in the fire.

Ruby Paulson

Kelvin just piling the wood on top of Mark is way to funny, he’s doing his best 😭

Thefallen Empire

Wade’s hatred of Barbara permeating out from uno to other series is just too good lmao

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