Who let them do this?? – The $800 Solid Copper Cooler

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Watercooling is pretty cool. But hard to make fit in Small Form Factor cases. Even with compact options from the likes of Alphacool or EK, trying to make the pump, reservoir, and radiators fit in a way that can also cool your Nvidia RTX 4090 and Intel Core i9-13900K is a tall order. Billet Labs hopes to change that with their Monoblock. Perhaps the most overkill SFF water cooling solution we've ever seen.

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Meet the Monoblock
3:50 Teardown
6:12 The Plan…
7:03 …Immediately falls apart
7:38 Build Time
9:28 Fitment Issues 1
10:15 Back to Building
10:43 Fitment Issues 2
11:40 Mounting on Plexi
13:58 Fitment Issues 3
14:45 GPU Mount
16:14 Fitment Issues 4
17:17 Build Complete
20:45 Outro



Thomas Jager

I think paper gaskets like that are pretty common, and reliable, though I don’t know how well they respond to reuse like that after opening it.

    The Obsesed Anime Freaks

    they don’t…. they hate being reused, generally speaking.

    Mário Batista

    Yap. It’s a one use only.

    Bacon CheeseCake

    Yeah, cars, at least older ones, use them a bunch

    Philipp Rauh

    On motorcycles we reuse them pretty often. If they are relatively clean and not damaged they work fine a second time.

    just chosen randomly

    ​@Philipp RauhI usually just give them a spray with adhesive to ‘reinforce’ them if I don’t have a new one handy.

    I know it’s probably not recommended, but I’ve never had any issues as a result.


There’s nothing wrong with a paper gasket. They are used for all sorts of things far more demanding than that waterblock – engines, gearboxes, pumps etc.

    Autistic POV


    Ikxi – Forever a Tatsunoko


    Bisterk Ding

    @Autistic POV exactly

    FurryB Productions

    Learn something new everyday


    plus some countries or governments are built entirely upon stacks of papers.

Linus Tech Tips

Hey! After a bit of tinkering post-video we saw improved thermals with the Monoblock. Running Cinebench and MSI Afterburner for 30 minutes we saw temps peak at
CPU: 85 C on the 12900KS
GPU Hotspot: 87 C on 4090. (remember this is the without using the proper kit for the 4090)

What do you think about this MonoBlock? Let us know below!

Check out the Billet Labs MonoBlock: https://lmg.gg/sBMz8
Buy an Intel Core i9-12900KS CPU: https://geni.us/9rg0Jeh
Buy Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB 4000MHz CL18 2x8GB DDR4 RAM: https://geni.us/IDVUvs7
Buy an EK-CoolStream Classic PE 240 Radiator: https://geni.us/ZQZfllT
Buy a Cooler Master V1100 SFX 80+ Platinum PSU: https://geni.us/tBS8

    João Paulo Correia da Costa

    The Golden Cooling!

    Zafrius Rasnake

    Oh Linus. Water and computers do NOT mix. Be quiet! Dark Rock 4. But I do say, the Rock needs supports. Mo Bo will bend, eventually.


    That would have been good information to have in the video rather than the flippant ending

    Alex Day

    kinda crazy that you posted this comment before the video went public but didn’t bother the update the video…

Dylan Guerrero

Adam & Sebastian is like if the chaotic part of Linus just split off of him and manifested itself into a 2 new people.


    i thought that was alex.. until now.

    Laughing Orange

    @//nchwrt It used to be Alex, but then Alex calmed down and became more professional in his approach to things.

    iamtheoceaniamthesea 𓀐𓂸

    Linus sebastien?

    FurryB Productions

    ​@//nchwrt3 new people

    FurryB Productions

    ​@iamtheoceaniamthesea 𓀐𓂸it’s right there in the name, right? 🤣

just chosen randomly

That kind of gasketing works even for engine blocks. It’s will be fine *if you don’t open it after assembly*. You are supposed to replace it every time you take it apart (although you can usually get away with one or two disassembles). If it leaks, it’s on you guys.


    as long as it wasn’t exposed to liquid it should be fine to disassemble.


    If it only works properly as long as you never disassemble it then it doesn’t work for consumer computer building. A solution can be great but if applied to the wrong problem it is useless. A computer cooler should be designed to be removed/opened multiple times over its life without requiring the replacement of vital components. It’s not a car that is usually only opened up by a mechanic with actual training and experience.

    just chosen randomly

    @Cosmopean I’m talking about when they took apart the interior waterblock. There is no reason, aside from ‘I wanna see what the inside looks like’. A user of the product would have no need to ever take that apart in the lifetime of the product. You can remove and reattach the waterblock as many times as you’d like and never encounter that gasket.

    just chosen randomly

    @satibel I agree it’s probably fine, but it’s pretty easy for them to tear and weaken under the pressure of everything being torqued down over and over, especially since it needs to be tightened down relatively well. I also was assuming that they already did this at least once (without Linus) before making the vid.

    An Obscure Tenet

    @Cosmopean When was the last time you fully disassembled your water block?

    Literally fucking never.

Iron Fan

“Go away, we’re frauding!”
Honestly… thank you for that huge laugh, Linus. 🤣


13:43 I love how their defense is that they checked it with Alex, the LTT king of jank


    At least Alex’s jank has a little more thought and a lot of solid engineering put into it 😂


    @Alasdairzero solid engineering. zero engineering. he did not graduate with any sort of engineering degree.

Kuldar Joel Künnapas

Damn Linus’s kids really have grown a lot in a few years

Quantie TV

The block doesn’t seem bad if you are going for a permanent build with very long lasting parts. It would look epic in a car shop ect

Mojhune Gabriel Manzanillo

Gonna be honest, this is funniest video in a while. It gives a water cooling with Alex vibes 😂


    But before Alex became super proficient and had all the proper tools to go it right. This is like, early garage tinkering Alex.

    Michael W

    I laughed loads at this video😂

    Tea Millets

    Yeah, Adam has definitely become one of my favourites from the LTT team. I still really like Emily for the more chill, educational things, and Alex sort of fills the gap in between chaos but still learning stuff.

    F#СК МЕ! ТAP 0N MY P1C



As a chemistry student, I liked that polyester joke more than I probably should…


    That was the best played joke I’ve heard in a while 😄

    Matt Lord

    And as a muso, and a collector of vintage synth.. so did I !

C Williams

It’s nice that even when your writers/staff are technologically inept, it still lends itself to the content… congratulations!


having worked as a CNC technician I can tell you that paper gaskets are perfectly fine. they probably decided to go with paper because of cost along with thermal performance of the gasket. paper gaskets are used to seal gear boxes, motors and all kinds of things that operate at higher pressures and temperatures than a water block could even conceive. its cheap and is way more easily customizable to specifications as well as does the same job a rubber gasket does, just as well if not better in certain situations. the one downside is reusability, it doesn’t really like to be reused, but I guess that’s where the cheap aspect of the material comes into play.


    Yeah, they are totally fine. But you’re comparing different applications with very different torque figures. I don’t think you’d be assembling your watercooler with >20Nm of torque.


    Why go through all the effort of machining this and just slapping on a “cheap” paper gasket – wasn’t this meant to be no expense spared?


    @diotough paper gaskets like that arent standard printer paper, if you are applying the same force you would need to fully seat an o-ring it will be just fine. Not everything in a cnc machine is torqued, those applications i listed are just to show they are robust for dealing with heat and fluids That being said certain things like a waylube tank (an oil reservoir for the rails of your turret or table) are just acrylic with little m5 screws. i have seen many o rings and paper gaskets and i havent had nearly as many issues with paper gaskets. Whereas i have had many bad o-rings cause they have a nick in them or they dry rotted. idk the real answer to why they went with it, all i know is they deemed it was good enough and they seem like the people who know what they are doing.

    Marcus Aleshire

    Having worked as an automotive machinist, I still would prefer a raised lip and a matching groove to lock that thin paper gasket in. Also, the computer has to constantly deal with more drastic temperature fluctuations as it performs various tasks creating different amounts of heat. A car (especially a street driven one, not a race car) heats up and stays at a fairly stable temperature until it turns off again.

    F#СК МЕ! ТAP 0N MY P1C


Nikita Ovchinnikov

It’s so chaotic with a proper meltdown each and every minute. Haven’t seen more hilarious LTT episode in a while, good job Adam! )

Felix Ure

(Felix from BilletLabs here) Great video guys! But this block was specifically for a 3090ti, not a 4090. We’ve since obtained a 4090 to test with, and using it with the 3090ti block leaves a gap of around 1mm over the die, so it’s never going to cool properly. We’re happy to answer any questions in the comments below ✌


    I noticed this you have added this to your website and have I have mentioned this on float plane video as well as here


    Kudos for the execution of a relatively novel concept! Interested to see what all you guys have in store next!


    I feel like Linus did you a disservice here with a ill-conceived video. I enjoy the humour but I would have liked to have seen them execute this properly.

    just chosen randomly

    Linus and LTT have a history of not reading instructions (or not knowing how something works) and blaming the product. They do this like once a week.

    Most recent I remember, they did this with a device that had a SDR chip in it, where they tried to communicate with a digital walkie talkie using only analog signalling- and basically called it bunk.

    I hope this doesn’t hurt your sales.

    just Faisal

    @Virtual yea I really don’t get why they treated it like a novice is going to buy this and use it to build an ITX build. What’s even the point of doing it this way? Product doesn’t get a fair shake and no one learns anything.


It’s videos like this that remind us how good Alex is at his job

    Bha 📖 442

    ❤exactly i love him 😊

    F#СК МЕ! ТAP 0N MY P1C



    they had one day to do it and he normally has weeks

    D J

    His videos are my favorite


I work for a production company that often does animations demonstrating how engines and other car components work. That being said, kudos to whoever made the animation for the water block! I haven’t seen that kind of work from your channel before. Nice upgrade.

    Martin Lucio



    @Martin Lucio This makes no sense

    Mr. Giraffe

    @Christopher I think he means Donut Media, but I suppose that’s not where you worked then ;).


    @Mr. Giraffe PowerNation Studios. Carcass, Engine Power, Music City Trucks, and Detroit Muscle.


    ​@Christophermaybe he thought you were police and was offering you a donut as a sign of peace.


I watch every LTT video and I don’t remember seeing one with this energy. It feels a bit mixed with behind the scenes type of video and I LOVE IT.
Really enjoyed it and wish to see build videos like this one with the same energy and filming. I get that not all videos can land like this, but this was just a really good job on the editor’s end.

Austin Lepri

Everything about this video was gold! The interactions were top notch; love this host match up!

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