I Bought 10 Weird Keyboards from AliExpress

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Have you ever wanted to buy a bunch of the strangest keyboards you find on AliExpress just to try them out? Well now you don’t have to! From lasers to screens, we’ve got 'em all.

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Buy a "Waterproof" Roll Up Silica Gel Keyboard on AliExpress:
Buy a DOQO Wired Keyboard with Expansion Dock on AliExpress:
Buy a H18+ Wireless Mini Keyboard & Air Mouse on AliExpress:
Buy a Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad on AliExpress:
Buy a Wireless Virtual Projector Keyboard on AliExpress:
Buy a Wireless RGB Macropad with 2 Knobs:
Buy a Transparent RGB Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad:
Buy a XZT G7 Single Hand Gaming Keyboard:
Buy a Machenike KT68 RGB 68 Key Wireless Mechanical Keyboard:

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:50 Waterproof Rollable
2:33 DOQO Wired Keyboard etc.
4:37 H18+
6:34 Foldable Pocket
9:49 Laser Keyboard
13:07 Typewriter Macropad
15:18 Tablet Keyboard
18:25 "45% Layout"
20:54 Machenike KT68
24:36 Outro




I remember I wanted one of laser keyboards when I was a kid sooooo bad, and I finally got one for Christmas and it sucked massively

    Aditya Aryan [DeathScyther]

    Everyone at sometime did


    LLT inspires me.. My parents said if i get 35K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    F#СК МЕ! ТAP 0N MY P1C



    I’m pretty sure the 6 keyed keyboard is for a macro or for osu

    Dat Cat In Those Hats

    @NAMAN Just get an old Iphone, it does 4k. Or a Pixel 3/4. Under 100 bux.

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Would you try any of these keyboards? Which one? Any hidden gems that we missed? Let us know below!

Buy a “Waterproof” Roll Up Silica Gel Keyboard on AliExpress: https://lmg.gg/PIKCV
Buy a DOQO Wired Keyboard with Expansion Dock on AliExpress: https://lmg.gg/m8JNP
Buy a H18+ Wireless Mini Keyboard & Air Mouse on AliExpress: https://lmg.gg/UYXMG
Buy a Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad on AliExpress: https://lmg.gg/iFhME
Buy a Wireless Virtual Projector Keyboard on AliExpress: https://lmg.gg/eDWLG
Buy a Wireless RGB Macropad with 2 Knobs: https://lmg.gg/Gyv9O
Buy a Transparent RGB Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad: https://lmg.gg/JvtFC
Buy a XZT G7 Single Hand Gaming Keyboard: https://lmg.gg/GpV59
Buy a Machenike KT68 RGB 68 Key Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: https://lmg.gg/Zr11I

Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.


    no i would not

    Pixel Donkey

    @mollyhtmlame. They are pretty quirky though, which is a Plus.


    It’s not out yet, but looking forward to the new Flux Keyboard!


    @Pixel Donkey true i guess, but i’d rather get something high quality that will serve me well for a while rather than something quirky lol


    No I use to cat ful on top pro also sub


The rubber keyboard is pretty good for dusty or near water workshops. It never klogs and never breaks the switch.

    Ben Dunlop



    I’ve seen them advertised as for use in a medical setting as they’re easy to sterilize. Or indeed for uhmm occupations that involve fluids.

    travis zane

    The big issue with them is the press is not always registered also the pcb underneath can shift causing issues

    Steve P

    If dust and waterproofing is what you want, get a TG3 TG3 KBA-(n)BLT and thank me later. It’s the keyboard used inside cop cars, ambulances, drive through oil change places, etc. Uses real mx black mechanical switches covered in robber domes and it’s damn near bullet proof.


    They make similar ones for hospitals too. Meant to be able to just wash the whole thing after use.

noob of doom

My dad uses one of the rubber keyboards (it doesn’t roll/fold) for his cnc to keep it safe from sawdust. Can confirm that it feels horrible.


    I feel like you could just put a good keyboard in a clear bag and it’ll be better


    A possible use, though…
    All our factory machines have the cheapest HP keyboards on the market. It malfunctions, they just pull out another one.
    We have a literal container full of them.

    The Spaced Pirate

    If the man has a cnc, he has an air compressor. He’d be better off dusting off a $20 keyboard from Walmart every now and again.


    LLT inspires me.. My parents said if i get 35K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally


    It works tho. If it aint broken dont fix it


I had a roommate back in the day that got one of those all-membrane rollable waterproof keyboards, and when I tried it I had the same reaction as Linus. It technically functions as a keyboard, but it’s so bad. Like, you know when you find the exact right keyboard, everything works the way you want, and pressing the keys just feels right? It’s like the opposite of that.


    I had PS/2 keyboard back in the day and bought the membrane thingy for Wii to chat in Monster Hunter Tri because it had USB. They shut down the servers soon after that. So it was literally used for like a dozen messages 😀


    I had one of those, great to just roll up and put in your bag for times when you need a keyboard and don’t want to look for a crashcart

    Active Entropy

    I had to use one of these while working with a raspberry pi as I had nothing else that was able to be carried in a backpack and my dad had it on hand. Drove me nuts to type on but if you understand that it’s going to take more time to do anything it wasn’t bad.


    LLT inspires me.. My parents said if i get 35K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    F#СК МЕ! ТAP 0N MY P1C



For some context on that last keyboard, those specs have basically been standard for any polycarb or nicer ABS case board in the $120-150 range for several years now, with offerings like Keychron, NK65/87, KBD67 lite, Monokei Standard, and Praxis IM. It’s overpriced even with that “discount”, especially with the controller issues. Firmware and IC choice is a solved problem.


    Yeah, its clear Linus is a bit behind on keyboards here. I don’t blame him – it was a fairly rapid development in the past few years where all sorts of “pre built customs” came up with the features you mentioned. While I don’t agree with Plouffe’s review style in general, its good that they have someone on the LMG team with some more recent consumer keyboard knowledge other than James and Linus.

    TJ Sonius

    @MonkRX I’d like to see a follow up on Dygma’s boards. Their Bazecor software is some of, if not the best I’ve used. Rumor has it they’re working on a mouse as well.

    Douglas Nascimento

    Unfortunately, this one is the best CxB for some countries where the taxes push hard
    Here in Brazil that KT68 would can get up to 800 BRL (if you get taxed, 530 if not) while one from Keychron is 1k+ at discount.


    I would also add Akko, Dareu, Epomaker, CIY and FL Esports in this list

Grayzel FX

I know you only just briefly mentioned it, but I am so stoked that you have a lab now to test all this equipment, both jenk and AAA. I am SUPER STOKED to see the videos where you get real deep into the weeds with hardware, especially where the labs will debunk/reinforce claims from manufacturers!!!


Back around 2014, our school had the “genius” idea to replace all keyboards with those rubber keyboards cause kids would take out the keys and swap them or they’d get lost entirely. Not only that, they were also glued onto the desks. I was one of the people who deployed them (I was paid for it). Could immediately tell that was an awful idea. Programming on those was utterly impossible. They were vandalized even more because of how absolutely dogshit they were, and this time they couldn’t easily be replaced. They lasted maybe two weeks until we un-glued them and went back to regular keyboards.

    nem tudom

    I’ll take ideas that sounded good on paper for 500, please!

    For Stuff Wow

    i like how democracy works, keyboards so bad you had to vandalize it


    out of topic but because of your story i just remembered my classmates in highschool computer class who swapped the keyboards from a pc to the adjacent pc, basically the keyboard infront of you controls the pc besides you and vice versa. it was a great laugh, but they were called because of vandalism/tampering with school properties, the thing is the computer lab assistant was just there sitting on his chair watching them do it.



    nem tudom

    @CottonballMonster As funny as that is, the education systems are a joke nowadays

Black Penguin

I used to use one of those half keyboards (a better quality one). They’re very useful in certain circumstances. In my case, I wanted to game with friends but only had a laptop and limited desk space at the time. I got a cheap half keyboard off Amazon and it worked perfectly. It’s not an everyday use type of product, but it’s great in specific situations. You just need to avoid the low quality ones.

    Randon Tain

    I agree with you, my setup make me a bit of a “couch” gamer in that my main monitor for my PC is my room TV and I sit in a recliner to use it, I have a trackball mouse on one arm of the chair and a half keyboard or gaming keypad on the other arm. Works amazing for gaming and when I need a full keyboard I just use a full one in my lap.

    Pyrrha Nikos

    Can confirm it has use cases. I use one in my Simpit, have it placed to the left of my Throttle.


    @Randon Tain wait.. you game on your trackball mouse? what type of games though?? no way FPS shooters
    I use a logi MX Ergo daily but game on a xbox controller


    @crh18 Oh boy. You know, traditional trackball mice might be technically obsolete and somewhat inferior compared to a good modern mouse when it comes to gaming, but back when there was no alternative, everyone played FPS’ (or RTS’, or ARPGs… plenty of mouse skill was required back then eh) with them, and they did basically just as well as modern gamers. It’s not that much worse at all, and you can even do stuff that modern laser sensors don’t allow – like using it on any surface good enough to get the ball rollin’ (hehe). Sure, I probably wouldn’t go back to shooters using a trackball, but that’s what I used for a long time while playing CS, Halo and many others, and I was _pretty fucking good_ at it.

Shane Connelly

FYI, some of these (like the laser keyboard) *do* have some generally unconventional use cases for them. I worked in an emergency room at a hospital once and there were computers/keyboards. But due to the serious risk of transmitting infection, keyboards were often treated as one-time use and dozens were discarded every day. So to avoid e-waste, washable and laser keyboards were sometimes used. Yeah, they were slow/hard to type on, and there are undoubtedly better solutions for most modern hospitals now, but even then, they were much better than the alternatives (in some ways)

    Horsehead Productions

    They never had the genius idea of putting a clear plastic bag/sheet over the keyboard?


    @Horsehead Productions it would have to be constantly replaced,, its not just one person using the keyboard


    ​@complicxtionsreplacing a plastic sheet constantly is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole keyboard. In fact, it is probably cheaper to constantly replace plastic covers over the entire lifespan of the keyboard than it is to replace the whole keyboard even once.

    That lack of forethought is the reason why healthcare in the US is expensive.


    That’s not as bad as the disposable tablets they use for patient insurance info.


    We use washable keyboards at the hospital I work at specifically because the hospital is as waste conscious as they can be. It was before my time, but it was apparently a big deal when they switched because the hospital was so large and they replaced every single keyboard in the entire facility.

    Every time someone complains about the keyboard, a nurse who was there during the switch makes sure to remind them that “at least they weren’t there during the transition of keyboards” because it was ‘that’ big of a deal for infection prevention.


That waterproof keyboard reminds me of cleanroom keyboards I used in the past. Speaking of which, it‘d love to see you test some cleanroom keyboards. I had to work with so many different designs during my career and they all sucked and gave me rsi. I feel like there must be a design that is at least acceptable to type on, but I haven’t encountered one yet.

Insomnus Unwaking

Those folding, pocketable keyboards(especially ones with a trackpad) are a pretty good companion for a steam deck and the like. They’re quite a bit more functional than the trackpads and onscreen keyboard if you need to do something like editing an ini file.


There are actually good versions of those waterproof keyboards you tried. They are factories where normal keyboards get destroyed. They are especially common in areas where you are dealing with chemicals or super dusty environments. I would never use one as a normal keyboard. However, if you get one of the better ones they are a good keyboard to use while wearing gloves and working in a lab to take notes.


    they are also commonly used in heavy duty military vehicles where dust and other debris might interfere with your keypresses, pretty cool stuff 🙂


I’ve been using a similar setup with a gaming pad and 10 keyless and it definitely helped my ergonomics, but I recently remapped the keys to allow me to put them closer together. I have some serious frustrations because I can buy the left half of a mechanical keyboard for $50, but including the right side makes the price go up to $400


Love videos where Linus tests out weird products. Always a good time.


    you mean LTT towel?



    Xtreme Computing

    You mean videos that literally rip off @Mrwhosetheboss


I absolutely love the look of the transparent tablet keyboard. You guys should do a whole PC build based around being Transparent. My biggest complaint (other than that horrendous trackpad) is that the bottom of it was opaque.

Also, The Machenike KT68 is really cool being translucent. I definitely liked that part about it.


    It just look like the base section of a laptop to me, I’ve seen similar things before. Albeit the transparency etc is kind of cool.


For that macro keyboard, you could manually make it do macros, but it’d be a bodged together solution that’d probably work pretty well. Tom Scott made a video on making his own essentially massive macro keyboard when he made a physical emoji keyboard

    Joe Gallant

    I’d be interested for someone to dig and check the software but having used a similar (but much much more basic) version, it seems to only hard-code shortcuts to the keys (as opposed to running true macros) and so it could be run one-time on a non-connected PC (or virtual maybe?).

RandomKSandom – Projects that fascinate me

I’m not sure if we have the same lazer keyboard ( there are a few of them), but here are some interesting points about the one that I have:

* It works on both Bluetooth, and wired via USB.
* It doesn’t need special drivers.
* It can also be used as a trackpad mouse ( that’s what those gestures were that you saw in the manual.
* Red is the most common colour, but they are also available in green (what I have).
* You need to be careful what surfaces you use it on. Otherwise you can end up with laser in the eye, which sucks.
* You need more space than you might assume. You need enough for the device, the projection, and the gap.
* If the surface isn’t flat, it loses accuracy quickly.
* Mine comes out of the box about once every 2 years “This thing was so coo… oh yeah, I remember why I don’t use it” (lack of tactile feedback)


I had one of those rubber roll up keyboards once since it seemed like a good idea at the time.. The trouble with them is that they ship rolled up or folded so they are never quite flat, but quite aside from that, once you get them properly flattened, they are still very spongy to type on and the key lettering for the most common keys wears off in almost no time.


I remember the laser keyboard being touted for use with stuff like Palm, over IR. I’ve wanted one for ages because they look cool. But every review I’ve seen says they’re at best ‘okay’. And despite being advertised as a portable keyboard replacement they’re still kinda awkwardly chunky.

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