Amnesia: The Bunker – Part 2

We finally see the monster! Just barely… but that was more than enough for one lifetime…

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Mark still cranking his flashlight while the monster is around and making angry is the funniest thing


    It gives me anxiety for mark whenever he does that 😂


    It wasn’t funny.

    Alfred Byrd

    @MooMoo.Strongmanyour right it was downright hilarious



    Dead Channel

    ​@MooMoo.Strongmannobody asked


Markiplier: *Hears monster coming close*

Also Markiplier: *Then starts yanking on his very loud flashlight, further attracting the monster*


    so true


    Even though the lights are already on! That’s the most important part

    n0Bab4z 🏳️‍🌈

    q: who’s “MArkiplier”?


    I did this a lot while playing through it because I’m like “ain’t no way bro that scary” I was wrong lol


    ​@n0Bab4z 🏳️‍🌈máster of comedy:

Barbecue 101

Mark: where’s Clement? Where the heck is Clement?
Also Mark: looks at every locker in the room except for Clement’s


    which was directly to his left when looking at the lockers lol


    The funniest part is that the protagonist who you play as is Henri Clement. So Mark was looking for the character’s own locker.


    ​@CrownedYetiLMAOO I DIDN’T NOTICE


    @CrownedYetiI mean, he does have amnesia haha totally canonical answer

Frederic Dumais

I’ve never seen someone panicking so hard they start making sexual advances towards a monster, and yet I would expect nothing less from Mark


    After mommy dimitrescu, it’s becoming a pattern

    toasted on a tuesday

    Masochism at its finest


    ​​​@Cornfieldwell he did that when he made fnaf content, like 8 years ago

    Rendrat van Donkereschrijver

    wait I must have missed that when did this happen

/ / Sleepless Avenue / /

Mark yelling “THE LIGHTS ARE ON” like hes an employee at a haunted house and informing the actors that someone is having a panic attack. 😂

    Blonde Ambition

    that’s exactly how he did it lmaoo


    I’m a haunt actor and you’re absolutely correct




    I can definitely see him doing that, while also running around helplessly

Bubba’s Big Blast

The German guy begging Mark to leave him alone while Mark did everything he could to attract the monster’s attention gave me a sensible chuckle.


    prisoner: “leave it closed! please! i dont wanna die like this!”
    mark: “alright whatever you say bud shut up” _explodes a barrel_ , _metal-pipe-falling-sound-effect.mp3_

    Destroyer Of Nations

    @{King Of Ravens}215I know one of his lines is, “I don’t want to die like this! Please, please!”


    @{King Of Ravens}215 the prisoner is saying “close it again!”, “its coming!” “i can hear it!” “i dont wanna die like this!” “please, please!” “no, no! leave it closed!” “safe here… in my cage” “im just a soldier… thats all” “i dont know anything… anything” “… one day… home… spring…” “a devil… a devil for the french devils…” “hello? is someone there?”


    @{King Of Ravens}215he also says “in the hole… the hole…” if my six months of German class are serving me correctly


Being German and understanding the prisoner really upgrades this game


    mir gefällts dass die untertitel nichts übersetzen, einfach auf deutsch und mark kapierts nicht LOL


    What does he say? Could you translate? 🤧


    ​@QuantumBitchfrom what I’ve read on other videos regarding the German prisoner he says something along the lines of keeping the door closed so the monster doesn’t get him.


    I’m studying German but I’m not that advanced, so I only understand most of what he says, the big part of what I understand is him screaming ‘Please’ over and over.
    The not knowing what else he’s saying is making my anxiety SkyRocket.

    Lee Uther

    ​@QuantumBitch he begs for help. And that the door should stay shut. He is also imagining home and spring one time. He then also says that this is the devil and the French are devils. He also says that he doesn’t want to die like this.

    I hope this helps😊 ~a fellow german person 😂

Sun Liyon

The game: You can throw a brick in the door to destroy it
Mark: I’m gonna use a granade to open this door!

    Gentle Puppet

    ngl when I played through this I completely forgot about throwing bricks at doors and did indeed use grenades on everything. Completed the game in 4 hours and died twice once because I mistakenly hid in the dark next to a hole I didn’t see and the other I accidentally blew myself up.
    Watching and playing are very different mindsets.


    I had no clue you could do that but I ain’t completing the game cuz I literally paused the game every time the monster made noise and paused the video every time Mark made noise while the monster was out of its hole I love horror but I hate it

    D Bone

    But why wouldn’t you? Throw one grenade or throw a brick more than once.


    ​​@doodlebing same, I *love* watching horror game gameplay but I, for the life of me, cannot play them myself lmao


    @codethewill5851  Yeah, for me, Amnesia: The Bunker is the hardest horror game I’ll ever play


This is hands down one of the most terrifying playthrough Mark has done in a while


Mark: *shines his flashlight through the hole in the wall directly at the monster*
Also Mark: “How did you see me?!”

    hatari909 nix

    When is this


    @hatari909 nix 50:48

Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

How did this man manage to avoid the monster for so long


    The Markiplier Effect

    James Snipes

    The fact that he has the game set to Normal mode instead of Hard like other streamers do


    During my playthrough, my husband and I didn’t see the creature until the ‘ending game’ when the game forces you to.

    Robert Rasmussen

    When i played i felt so careful and so silent and strategic but the monster destroyed me like a dozen times and it was never far, but mark has had such a safe run so far. i dont get it

    Galactic Gamer

    @Panthersprite Real life (gaming) plot armor.

Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Bruh the German guy is saying “I can hear it”, “close it again”, “leave it closed”, and “I don’t wanna die this way” and mark just nonchalantly leaves the hatch open lol 4:27

    DJ freeman

    I wish you could free the dude

Oni Ignasha

The fact that Mark went SO LONG without seeing the monster because he got lucky, then nearly died to it and saw it everywhere after that is so funny.

Lord Generias

Once more, Markiplier unintentionally demonstrates that he is a bug and glitch magnet, by doing absolutely nothing and finding that the inventory is unavailable and he can’t use either of the character’s hands.

Tim P

Can we all just appreciate that Mark has somehow gone 2.5 hours in this game without dying in some capacity yet?


    I don’t just appreciate, I’m confounded by it


    Monster doesnt actually come out of the holes until you put in the red valve and lift the lockdown! Also, the light cranking isnt NEARLY a problem as much as people think it is, its really only an issue if the Stalker is in the same room as you!

    zZOdysseus Zz

    @Nullacan confirm. I actively tested it on my channel. He will not leave his hole until you put the red crank into the socket and remove the emergency lockdown

    Joseph FormalAccount

    @zZOdysseus Zz That is absolutely a lie. I was playing yesterday for the first time, gen off to save fuel, i went for the red crank in storage and as I was walking to the thing to put in the new crank,, monster crawled out before i could. I survived tho, but was standing in the dark corner for a good minute or two. Was kinda scary alone in the dark at 1 am

    Veselin Benac

    @zZOdysseus Zz thats just a lie the monster comes out randomly whenever it wants,unless the light is on then it has a smaller chance to come out


Mark being the noisiest person on the planet and not dying for it is huge plot armor.


    Watch TheRadBrad’s play through and your opinion will most definitely change lol

Amy Ameryst

the fact that Mark has the brain power to think “I can drop this barrel on these rats” but hasn’t thought to crawl and hide under a single table is insane to me

    Julia Kiggins

    or to push any boxes/barrels in front of the holes in the walls to keep the monster from being able to come out! drives me crazy lol

    Anthro Wobbly

    ​@Julia Kiggins5:39…

    Rosemary Kaye

    He also was determined to walk across a ladder in Poppy Playtime 2. Instead of swinging.
    And he did it.

    He has a very unique was of thinking. Lol.


The funniest part is Mark keeps doing dumb things and getting away with it like a horror movie protagonist

Just a Person Who Comments

Markiplier has a lump of meat, a janky light and one bullet, and he’s taking on monsters like a boss

    The Factorys Lyric Person

    and a grenade!!

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