Google Pixel Fold Review: Maybe Next Year!

Pixel Fold is pretty sweet and I'm loving it. But it's also $1800 and has a real set of flaws.

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The bezels surprisingly don’t annoy me as much as I thought they would, they remind me of the bezels of a regular tablet which actually makes perfect sense for a phone that unfolds to be a tablet-sized device.

    Manson P

    for that price… it got to be better than this. Samsungs and huaweis even oppo did a batter job, considering google is late comer so no excuse there

    Bryce Driesenga

    The bezel obsession is so weird. I totally appreciate the push toward smaller bezels and how cool it is from an engineering perspective, looking at where we came from, but it’s not *automatically* better aesthetically or functionally. Definitely subjective though, you like what you like. I feel the same about symmetry. Sometimes asymmetry is really good for aesthetics (e.g. rule of thirds)


    They look cheap idk why probably the shimmery plastic look


    I don’t get people who are annoyed by bezels on phones. I find them useful, a place to rest my thumb when watching videos n stuff

    Francisco Ariza

    Coming from an iPad mini it feels familiar


Google’s phones have never been about the best hardware, but for $1800 this one needs to be

    V Lee

    hopefully we’ll get the legendary google discount with it. I don’t think that pixels were ever the best for MSRP.

    Isiah Davis

    That or it has to be about deep deep discounts

    Joe R

    Yeah, this is ridiculous. Do they actually think they are going to compete with Samsung? Nah.


    ​@Isiah Davis-69% sale or I won’t buy it (I am joking, I still wouldn’t buy it)

    Denis Ruskin

    Best comment out there. It is acceptable lower end hardware on an upper mid range phone, not in Galaxy Fold 4 direct competition. The software can’t save it.

Lyubo Raev

In a way this really gets me excited for the next generation of Pixel Fold but also for foldables in general. It feels like aside from Samsung and maybe Motorola, there’s no “real” competition in the foldables space which means that these phones aren’t improving as quickly as one might hope.
I’m not (yet) interested in owning a foldable, mostly because to me they still look quirky compared to their relatively gorgeous counterparts, but this feels like a step in the right direction of maybe one day going for that foldable format.

    Mike Mac

    I deal with a lot of people for my job and work in the tech industry, and I have yet to meet anyone who has a foldable phone, or who has said they are interested in a foldable phone.

    I think its a niche market, and this is going to go the way of the 3D TV. It’ll be a big craze for a very short period of time for a very loud group of early adopting, tech loving people, but I cannot see this going mainstream.

    Most people want better battery life, faster charging and hardware that is ultra reliable over 3-4 years. They’re not looking for more gimmicks or more screens.


    ​@Mike MacThat is your experience. For me a lot of ppl around me are already using foldable phones and are more than enough to be main stream.


    Literally no one cares


    Oppo are also good

    K L


Kevin Elie Musangamfura

You gotta give it to Samsung for taking the risk and start the production of folding phones early when there wasn’t more advanced technology at the time. They made a good progress overtime and they are making good foldables on the smartphone market right now.


    What’s funny is that Samsung manufactures both the outer display and the folding display, and also the Tensor chip.
    Pixel Fold wouldn’t be possible without Samsung.

    6 b

    @NonukezSamsung Mobile doesn‘t manufacture their screens. „Samsung Display“ is a completely different division and samsung mobile has to buy the screens the same way as external customers. Fun Fact: Samsung doesn‘t even use the latest display tech from „Samsung Display“.

    6 b

    You gotta give it to samsung? lmao. Nearly every third review unit was broken or broke within few days on their first gen and they had do delay the launch.

    Leon George

    ​@6 bI’d hope you can put two and two together to realise Samsung Mobile and Samsung Display are part of the same conglomerate.


    Charging $2000 for a device still in beta? Imagine if Apple did that, y’all would be singing a different tune. More like Samsung rushed the device for the claim to be first


I’ve been daily driving the Razr + since release and I am extremely happy with it. The external screen is large enough to do so many things, and coming from the Pixel 7 pro, I’m alright with the slightly less camera quality.

    Chris Johannsen

    Flip phones don’t really have anything to do with foldable tablets like the Pixel Fold. They have no real purpose other than to be small when folded.

    Ted Lessor

    I am definitely interested in that phone thanks for that update.


    I brought it because it was $180 for 3 years knowing I can still use different phones and I don’t plan on leaving AT&T any time soon. I had some hopes for it…but I lost it and can’t find where that hope is. External screen is fantastic for what it can do, inside is where it dies. The phone is too tall when opened, and too short when turning it for entertainment purposes. I will eventually put my SIM in and take it out of the house, but I’m really glad I’m not stuck with this phone. It’s just…not good.

    Ted Lessor

    @ghostshipinc You think the razr ultra would of been a better choice?


    @tedlessor3887  sorry I was talking about the razr ultra. I brought it for $180 with AT&T via their promotion. I have other phones (S23 Ultra, Surface Duo 1, Z fold 3), and unfortunately, my experience with the Razr Ultra (also called +) isn’t what I hoped. External screen is just awesome. But that’s where it stops for me.

NoMore Constipation

Don’t forget to mention that the screen protector doesn’t fill out the enough to the full screen ratio but leaves a tiny bit of section exposed to the REAL screen which is delicate! Good luck with that! My Flip3 was fully covered but when it peeled it immediately started to get dings without any abuse (always in my hand or pocket 90% of the time, other than charging)

Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

We are talking about the same OS / launcher that doesn’t let you remove the weather and time in the upper-lefthand corner. So, I’m not surprised about the weird customization issues (or lack thereof)


    Why would you want to remove that? That’s dumb

    Coleman Bubar

    ​@danceyrselfkleenif you don’t want it there


    Such an incredibly niche complaint


    I agree with that complaint.


    “I don’t want my phone to tell me the time”@Coleman Bubar


Looks like Google took inspiration from the MS Duo not only in terms of design but in terms of how the home screen works as well. A shame they didn’t incorporate the Duo’s superior multitasking feature. If you set-up the homescreen in this way then Duo style multitasking is possible as well.

    Jason Warren

    100 percent agree. Still using my Surface Duo 2. The two seperate screen approach is my personal preference. Coupled with the pen and pen cover it is a multi-tasking beast. If I want to take pictures I’ll use my iPhone. Ms Duo is the better business option. Even though we all know Ms has the worst track record with their phone line. I’m holding out on hope for a SD3. If not the next Gen Pixel Fold will be my next device.


    Yeah. Google had no plan adding duo screen support for Android so Microsoft ended up implementing all the functionalities in Android. Surface Duo was more a demo unit which was used to incubate all the folding phones thereafter.

Clive Sinclair

Looking forward to comparisons to the upcoming ZFold 5. Samsung may have made a good decision on the launch date.

    Jays Tech Room

    Samsung always has the same dates usually. Nothing new. But excited for the food 5 and the one plus fold.

    Niko Heino

    ​@Mr Selivestoveno, leaks say that it will be almost 1mm thinner when folded. and there might be small improvements to the screen or the crease.


    No special intro for the fold? The disrespect is palpable

Zach Lamoreaux

As a Z Fold 3 daily driver, my main concern about upgrading to a Pixel Fold is when you open the Pixel, the inner screen is a landscape display. I think this is causing some apps not to display across the whole display for example twitter spans the whole display on my Z fold and is a great experience.


    How’s your Fold holding up? Mine has slowly developed those hairline cracks all along the hinge.

    Zach Lamoreaux

    @UncleFred12 I haven’t had any issues my screen so far besides having to get the internal screen protector replaced.

    But I did have to replace my first fold 3 because the charging port broke after a year and a half.


    @Zach Lamoreaux Good to know. I’ve been using a wireless charger so hopefully that means less wear on the port.

    I had the same issue where the internal screen protector started to lift off along the hinge. I just removed it without replacing it. About three months or so after removing it I started to get the hairline cracks.

    Maybe there’s something it did to spread the screen out from developing sharp angles or otherwise prevent these small cracks.

    To be honest, I still prefer the Fold 3’s overall design to anything released since. I don’t really see any hardware improvements either to justify replacing this phone. I hope the Fold 3 can last a couple more generations.

    The only thing that could really coax me over might be a fold option that adopts a 16:9 screen ratio. I feel the 4/3rds aspect is less than ideal for video content.

    Aww Tbone

    @UncleFred12 oh man my ‘hairline cracks’ are just hundreds of little splinters along the crease. Glass hasn’t broken anywhere, but it’s almost bad enough to see a white line in the center of the screen.
    I am buying the pixel fold just so I can get the $800 trade-in credit from the Google Store. I’ll also be getting the warranty through Google Store so I have recourse when the device inevitably breaks.


    @Aww Tbone That’s a really good and frankly better description of what I’m seeing on my Fold.


My only complain and hold-back about the Pixel Fold is the lack of stylus support. A passport formfactor like this would’ve been perfect to use a stylus on for making art or creating notes.

Other than that it’s a great first gen product and i can’t wait to see how the second gen will be like


    Yeah no they probably are going to cancel the foldabe given the fact that they are Google 💀😂

    Brian Glaze

    There actually is one style of stylus that works on the Fold. I saw it on another vid

    Stephen Keen

    Problem is that it would scratch up the soft plastic flexible screen surface… Maybe with a glass screen protector, but that would have to be two pieces to accommodate the fold and would emphasise the crease / divide between the halves. 🤷‍♂

    Sloppy Toons

    As somebody that draws a lot on the go, until that crease is 100% gone it’s not really good. Currently the iPad mini is the best form factor for always on the go little sketchbook. I used to have the Samsung notes and honestly phone screens too small, even at 6.5 inches as they are skinny, and you lose areas with the curved edges. Also the bigger spens don’t work while the toothpick ones are plugged in.

    Phones just not there yet.


    @Sloppy Toons yeah i’m currently considering to get an ipad mini to draw on the go. too bad there isn’t a mini “pro” with 120hz

Bogdan Mihaylov

I definitely believe that the next will be better as everyone else I suppose. I am not big Google fan but honestly they make a great start to the point I will definitely spend my money for it

Mitch B

I know the bezels get a lot of bad press, but as someone who still uses a Microsoft Surface Book for work purposes only I can say sometimes bezels are nice when using a tablet. its more comfortable to rest your thumbs somewhere for longer periods of time. my Zfold I have to hold a specific way with it resting on my pinky to avoid accidental touches. Bezels always melt away with larger screens when you are actually using them.


Always wanted bigger bezels on my Fold honestly. I cannot use it without a case…I tried. Bezels really help you hold it in unfolded mode. But yeah some do the other issues like battery make me hesitant.


One request for MKBHD. Would be nice to see how these foldables work with popular launchers like Nova


    I have a fold 4. They typically don’t unless you find one made for a foldable.

J Fitzpatrick

Thanks for your great presentation!
Before now I wondered “Why would anyone want a folding phone?”.
But now I can see it would be useful working on Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides – – if they have been optimized for the wide display.


I think the bezels aren’t that much of an issue, and I can’t wait to try it out for myself (don’t think I’ll get one though) I’ll maybe wait for the pixel fold 2 before considering buying one.

LL Cool Ray

Despite the “weirdness”, I’m actually really impressed with how much you like it for a first gen device. Sounds promising for the future, even if it’s not a device for me.


I am getting really excited for the state of foldables in the next year or two. I cannot wait to see what Samsung has been cooking with the new Fold 5 when it is finally released. I would really like to buy one but it seems like the market just isn’t up to scratch yet.

Robert Diaconeasa

I think for what it is, it’s a great phone! It looks really purty, and the ability to turn it into a tablet with seamless app support is amazing. I’d love to see a version of the iPhone that does this. Maybe 10 years from now.

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