What is One-Pedal EV Driving? Kia EV 9 Demo

One-pedal driving is an EV technology that boosts control and efficiency, but what is it exactly and how does it work? We hit the road in the Kia EV9 to explain it all.

Why Bidirectional EV Charging is a Big Deal:

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Regen braking and one pedal driving is incredible greatly improving handling on curves.Makes driving a gasoline powered car seem like a horse and buggy.




I work at Kia if anyone has any questions about ev9s


it’s the same as engine breaking in a car with a clutch


    Except you actually get energy back into the vehicle with regen. It’s incredibly smooth as well.


    Same, but engine braking isn’t as strong, as regen can provide up to 0.25 G of deceleration. Engine braking also doesn’t fill up the gas tank while decelerating.


If I’m doing city driving I use One Pedal but on the highway I use auto regeneration. Hyundai Ioniq 6. I love my EV


My assumption is that at lower speeds lifting off the pedal engages the brake lights. Is that right?


Awesome is what it is. Remember ditching the clutch? Well now we ditch the brake pedal too 😂rarely need to use it. It’s more of an emergency brake now than anything else. As a Tesla owner we got the feature for free over the air after owning the car for 2 something years. Amazing!


I have a 2024 BMW IX and the range is a lie! Even without one pedal driving, the real life range is between 320 and 420 miles depending on drive mode. You can increase this by using Brake mode or one pedal driving. After the initial awkwardness of the one pedal driving, it becomes addictive to use. Similar level of feel and control of using a manual transmission. I use it even though I do not need the extra range


Thank you Tesla!!!🎉


Hasn’t Tesla been doing this forever?


Is the feel of one-pedal driving much different from driving a manual transmission car? Granted, I know there is no such thing as regeneration with an internal combustion engine.


Kudos to Antuan! He must have worked very hard to get rid of that lisp. Great video and very accurate based on our experience with our EV. The fatigue factor and microadjustments to speed causing car sickness is very true so whenever possible, we use the cruise control.

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