WWDC Drama I’m Watching For at Apple’s AI Event

There’s a ton of Apple news we’re expecting at Monday’s WWDC keynote, but there are a few topics that will be the most interesting to pay attention to — and may even stir up some drama. CNET’s Bridget Carey explains.

00:00 This is the Drama to Watch For at Apple’s WWDC
00:54 Sam Altman Brings Controversy with Partnership
02:25 Sam Altman at WWDC in 2008
03:15 What’s Next for VisionOS?
05:18 Complaints About Safari ‘Web Eraser’
06:03 How Apple Reveals RCS on iPhone
06:54 Listening for a Smarter Siri
07:44 Watch CNET’s Live Coverage of WWDC24

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Excited for WWDC!


New software baby


I heard that a certain feature would be only exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max only


    That’s true


    Most on device features


Just let people run macOS program on the iPad pro


    Don’t hold your breath…


    Omg that would be crazy amazing


    Yes. Screw the AI stuff if we don’t get the iPad fixed


    Or at least run Mac versions of apps


    They won’t do that. Never gonna happen. However if they just keep upgrading iPadOS, that’s ok. Just simple things:
    -stop the mouse “snapping” to buttons or spots
    -simply give a “+”, “-“ and “x” at top right of windows to expand, collapse or close windows/apps.

    Those 2 things alone would make it macOS like and still keep iPadOS but make it better.


I would like for Bridget Carey to be the next voice of Siri!


    💯! I have watched her for CNET since I was a kid since her early days and have always been a fan. Her voice has always been the sound of intelligence and reliability, but most importantly she’s just so much fun!


    Thank you for watching @honewhetstone1732! This was so nice to read! 😄❤️


    Alex is sussy Baka, skibi toilet 😂


    Sussy Baka


    @@user-ln4eg9ld1rI guess you are 10 years old???


New and improved Siri 2.0 period 😊


Can’t wait for Bridget to get pissed off at the cheery voiced Siri 😂


    Brace yourselves.


    @@BridgetCarey ommggg hello queen stay pressed


Can Apple fix the iPhone keyboard? It’s terrible 😂


OpenAI will be the new Siri (with a nice new name maybe). Don’t see the point to have both co-exisit


Im waiting to buy the new iPad (if they decide to make iPadOS usable) or a laptop if they decide to keep gooning their users


Looking forward to putting icons anywhere I want. Hope they allow us to completely get rid of the dock.


Man making the most powerful AI on the planet doesn’t care about safety…phenomenal


There are so many things on iOS I want to go away.


You can’t have an enjoyable Friday without Bridget!


Is this the first gate we are entering the Terminator film ?????


Apple not going to trust another company and definitely not jump ahead of Android trying something new.


As Nvidia has overtaken Apple this event is critical for Apple to do well


No ads? I’m here for it…


I just asked ChatGPT why it sounds so much like Scarlett Johansson and the answer reads to me like they scripted it manually. So much for Machine Learning. 😂

“The similarity in voice might be coincidental, as my responses are generated based on patterns in data and are not meant to mimic any specific person’s voice or mannerisms. However, if you find a similarity, it could be due to the neutral and clear manner of communication I aim to maintain, which might resemble the articulate and calm way Scarlett Johansson speaks.”


I hope to see some more Mac gaming coverage at WWDC, including a big title announcement (Resident Evil Village for Mac was announced at WWDC 2022, and Death Stranding for Mac was announced at WWDC 2023). It would also be cool to see a new M4-based Mac unveiled at WWDC, though I know this is unlikely.

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