Microsoft’s Discless Xbox Series X Revealed (First Look)

During Summer Game Fest’s Xbox Showcase, we got our first look at three updated Xbox consoles.

00:20 All Digital Xbox Series X in Robot White
00:48 Xbox Series X in Galaxy Black
01:21 Xbox Series S in Robot White

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Where is the Xbox Handheld?


    Probably for next gen




    @@KnightSoulsG There probably won’t be next gen hardware from Microsoft.


    @@tompupino424 I am switching to Steam Deck


    @@KnightSoulsG I hope so 😆


This gonna set the price for the PS5 Pro to come in at $599


    You fool its not coming




    Can’t play any new COD on the PS anymore.


    ​@@Jadepeanutps5 pro is abit overkill, devs didnt even tap the potential of the current gen hardware
    But it will retail for 700usd i guess


    ​@@Alex-pj8nzThis is false. The only thing that changed for CoD, is it’s coming to gamepass day 1, which will cannibalize xbox sales in hopes of boosting gamepass subs. The game will also be released on PS4/5 at standard pricing.


Gotta have a disk drive. I buy used games from gamestop.


    They still have a disc drive series x


    You and me are part of an ELITE group of common sensed gamers.
    Long life to you and your house!


    @@PhillipLemmonyea because all PC gamers have no common sense. Disk drives are obsolete.




These things should have no less than 2TB of storage.

PRO edition should have 4TB.


    It’s on purpose to sell their wildly overpriced storage cards.


    Well you can play on the cloud don’t need to download the game ☁️ 😊👍👌




    Especially because they don’t have a great compression algorythim for Xbox games, so they are usually way larger than the PS5 version.


    Aqui no Brasil o Xbox xsx padrão e 600 dólar e a versão xss e 400 dólar.

    Espero que a versão do Xbox xsx ALL digital seja mais barata


Consoles are just not as exciting as handheld PC’s. Once the new console mode frontend for Windows releases, we will see adult gamers, especially those with kids and full time jobs, start to use handheld PC’s as their primary gaming devices, instead of consoles.


    just 2 more weeks


No disc drive … Ouch


    Honestly if there was adequate storage most people would switch to digital like they did with PC. It’s sad that game preservation is becoming harder and DRM is taking over, inevitable though.


Just colors? What’s new?


    colors and 2TB disk, LOL


    @@MJRegul Nothing other than storage. Same old boxes. In the digital edition they remove the disk drive. If you have a Series X already buy a skin.


So no cpu, memory, gpu upgrade? Pointless


    I think they release it’s pointless to put effort into real upgrades because the systems won’t sell well either way. Just doing the bare minimum to stay relevant.


    @@serpentvert Oh boy hae you seen the Xbox showcase ? 😀 These comsoles will sell a whole lot better now.


    @@Ivanimirus yeah I did and I hope they do. Just comparing them to other platforms’ consoles I don’t see them pulling ahead


    Your a damn adult. Just get a pc a stop crying like a baby.


    Not as pointless PC games reveal recently


Actually this is an easy way to sell the xbox series x’s that have failed disk drives whichs is common. They just remove the faulty disk internally, refurbish the console and cover it with the “Robot white shell”.

The dimensions, specs and everything else look identical to vanilla xbox series x.

It would be worth it if they sold it at that price with a 2tb ssd to make it a 4k premium gamepass console.


So they want u to pay $600 then a extra $70 for the new controller smh


Knock about $100 off the list price if they actually aim to sell a couple of these.


Not a Microsoft or Xbox fan but the galaxy black special edition looks amazing.


    Much nicer skins out there honestly and a lot cheaper. I like it also but overpriced.


Surprise it’s not smaller and cheaper. The Series X is already selling for $400.


    Pretty dumb in my opinion that they would do that. It should be faster, smaller, more power efficient, and better looking.


the white Series X should have the 2TB… because it’s only digital.. the galaxy edition should have the 1TB because it has disc drive


    The galaxy is the special edition and they need a bigger SSD to justify the cost increase for what is basically a paint job. It’s ridiculous


    The color scheme of the Series X Galaxy Edition is nice but way too expensive. The digital edition X is also way overpriced. You would have thought with the sales for the Xbox consoles being so low they would have provided more incentives. I suppose the storage being overpriced from the start they are just following the trend, but it makes you scratch your head on what they are thinking. If you already have a Series X I see no reason to buy any of these, but instead just buy yourself up a premium skin. Regardless, if I was looking for a console around this holiday season, I would just pick up the PS5 Pro. If the pricing does come in around the $599 mark it should be a lot more console for a reasonable price. That is more justified than a galaxy scheme and some memory.


    ​@@Capt_C_StormI agree you’re better off getting that or the original


I was hoping to see new controller with advance haptics n inbuilt batteries. Just new colours 😢


That Xbox series X should be $400 or less or it needs to be sold with 2 TB


Will that black controller be sold separately?


Looks like a painters radio.


0:20 I really liked the Series S but I always thought “what about a digital Series X?”

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